Selenium 4 Is Releasing Soon

Selenium 4 is releasing soon. Some major changes in the upcoming Selenium version 4 have been revealed. It’s time to get ahead of the curve and figure out what is going to be changed, added, and deprecated. We will take a look at a few important features and give some insight on updates you can … Continue reading Selenium 4 Is Releasing Soon


On Wednesday I will talking about Zalenium in Berlin

On Wednesday 09.05.2018 I will join Egyptian Techies in Berlin family to talking about Zalenium and How to run Selenium scripts using Docker and Selenium Grid ,the event will be hosted at Get Your Guide What is Zalenium? Zalenium is a Selenium Grid extension to scale your local grid dynamically with docker containers. It uses docker-selenium to run your tests in Firefox … Continue reading On Wednesday I will talking about Zalenium in Berlin


My First Course Published on Udemy!

Today I become an official Udemy instructor and Udemy approved my course about “Selenium Webdriver From Foundation to Framework in Arabic” , the first course for automation testing in Arabic. 👨‍💻 🤖 After 5 months of preparing , recording , coding , watching videos and reading different books related to automation and Selenium. Now you can start with this course from … Continue reading My First Course Published on Udemy!